Here’s a little information about some of the bigger things I have worked on.


Plex for Apple TV Screenshot

At Plex I currently work with a fully remote team implementing and maintaining a variety of features on the widely used iPhone and Apple TV clients. I’ve worked on a wide variety of things to allow customers to organize and access their media anywhere.

Download Plex on the iOS or Apple TV App Store

Garmin Pilot

Pilot Screenshot

At Garmin I worked with a team on an iPad and iPhone App that lets pilots do everything from flight planning and checking the weather, to navigating while in the air and accessing whatever information they need online or off. Pilots could also connect to Bluetooth hardware allowing them to receive weather and traffic information in the air or connect to the avionics in their aircraft.

Some of the big pieces I worked on were the custom UI, communication over Bluetooth, retrieving and saving location data from/to SQLite databases, syncing information with the server, along with many other things. One of the biggest challenges was managing the complexity of an app that has been constantly expanding for over six years.

Download Garmin Pilot from the App Store


Vidku was a private video sharing iOS App for friends and teams. Working with a small team I’ve implemented features like the video recorder, image capture with image filtering, media uploader, performant SQLite and memory based data caches, and large parts of the UI. I’ve also spent plenty of time optimizing the speed of loading images, data, and the app itself.

(No longer available on the App Store)

Odds & Ends

I’ve also done plenty of things outside of iOS. Using a variety of languages and technologies I’ve developed and maintained back-end services and offline processes providing content for apps, websites, and other services. I’ve also worked extensively with spatial data in both shape files and spatial relational databases on back-end servers and mobile devices. I’ve also handled creating scripts to parse complex structured data (some more than others) into more usable formats using a variety of techniques.